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Laravel v5.5.20 released

Laravel version 5.5.20 Released

  • Laravel v5.5.20 was tagged yesterday with some testing assertions, route updates, and Blueprint time precision. Multiple changes and fixes were also merged, see the full release notes for details.
  • Among the new features, some TestResponse methods were added for convenience around validation and asserting JSON responses:
  • The assertJsonMissingExact() method, related to the assertJsonMissing() method, fails when all of the JSON attributes exist in the response.
  • Release Highlights
  • Added
    • Added TestResponse::assertJsonMissingExact() (#21881)
    • Added assertValidationErrors() and assertJsonCount() to TestResponse (#21917)
    • Added allOnQueue() and allOnConnection() for job chaining (#21765)
    • Support variadic arguments on fluent Route::middleware() (#21930)
    • Added precision to Blueprint::time() (#21936)
    • Added Router::apiResources() method (#21956)
    • Support graceful handling of SIGTERM in queue workers (#21964)
  • Changed
    • Added “kin” as an uncountable word (#21843)
    • Improved geo spatial support (#21919)
    • Include job name in the MaxAttemptsExcededException (#21941, #21943)
    • Support rendering multiple @verbatim and @php blocks (#21900)
    • Moved InteractsWithRedis to Illuminate\Foundation\Testing (#21967)
    • Don’t bind macro when it is not a Closure (#21980)
    • Check for before() method on policies classes (#21989)
    • Detect lost pgbouncer connections (#21988)
  • Fixed
    • Fixed BroadcastController namespace issue (#21844)
    • Fixed eager loading HasManyThrough relations with custom intermediate and local key (#21902)
    • Use table aliases when calling self-referencing HasManyThrough relation (#21883)
    • Fixed Vue component file name in React present (#21945)
    • Reverted changes to BadMethodException in #20196 (#21929)
  • Courtesy: Laravel Official Blog
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