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Importance of Field Force Management App in Sales

1.Importance of Field Force Management

  • Every sales office needs to know where the employee is currently working or at which place the employee is, hence the sales office needs to know the location of their employees.
  • Time tracking requirements envision a dated scenario in which employees start and end their shifts at a set location, punching in and out on a time clock.
  • Field Force Management App in sales is a platform which helps the sales office to keep a track of location of their employees.

2.How Field Force Management can be done?

  • The employee having an android or iOS device have to login into the application and have to start the day when they start their work so their location can be tracked by the sales office and the sales office remains updated about their employees.
  • After completing the work the employee ends the day and then the sales office gets the records of the total locations travelled by their employee.

3.How can software be beneficial to the organization?

  • To overcome the problem in sales this software helps to track the location of the employees where they can get the update of the employee to which ever places he visits.
  • Due to this software the employee doesn’t need to inform about his work while in this case the location of the employee will be tracked with the help of this software which becomes easy for the organisation to track maximum number of their employees.

4.How Mobio solutions helps to small business to achieve business success and increase customer satisfaction with Field Force Management?

  • Normally the organisation who is having sales department needs to know the status of their employees so currently they have to call them and get the details about their work location.
  • Sometimes there are chances that the employee might inform them wrongly about their location.
  • Hence Mobio Solution provides a solution for the organisation to keep a track of the location of their employees which reduces their calling cost and maximum number of employees can be tracked with the help of software, which will build a communication gap between the employee and the organisation.
  • Field Force Management App keeps a track of location wherever the employee might be working so that the department can keep a record of their work.

Importance of efficient Complain Management for small businesses

1.Importance of Complaint Management

  • A satisfied customer may share their good experience with three friends, whereas an angry customer has the potential to tell 3,000 friends in social networks and communities.
  • Every complaint lodged by the customer has its own importance for the customer as well as the seller, so that the seller needs to manage the complaint which is lodged by the customer.
  • Complaint Management System is a platform which is double implied between customer and seller. It helps the seller to keep track of all the complaints lodged by the customer in respect of the product which in turn helps to hit the bullseye which is “customer satisfaction”.
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Invite to join our first Salesforce Meetup on 2nd Oct 2016

Join us and learn about Salesforce Meetup Topic: Discuss- What is Salesforce, its various products and its features Agenda: 10:00 a.m.- 10:15 a.m. :: Welcome & Kick-off 10:15 a.m.- 10:45 a.m. :: Introduction to Salesforce 10:45 a.m.- 11:45 a.m. :: Discuss Various Products and Features 11:45 a.m.- 12:00 pm :: Question and Answer session Click and Confirm your Seat

Signing up with the 5th largest business group of Tanzania, Africa

Mobio Solutions forays into Africa region by signing up with the 5th largest business group of Tanzania. The engagement is to be the technology partner of the business group by designing and implementing mobility solutions, CRM and run several productivity technology initiatives within the business group.
  • As part of this engagement, we will be implementing end to end solution, in mobility, eCommerce, Logistic Solution and Back office IT enabling solutions. Integration between Mobility, CRM solution, Sales and service tracking solutions and many other productivity applications.
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