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Invite to join our first Salesforce Meetup on 2nd Oct 2016

Join us and learn about Salesforce Meetup Topic: Discuss- What is Salesforce, its various products and its features Agenda: 10:00 a.m.- 10:15 a.m. :: Welcome & Kick-off 10:15 a.m.- 10:45 a.m. :: Introduction to Salesforce 10:45 a.m.- 11:45 a.m. :: Discuss Various Products and Features 11:45 a.m.- 12:00 pm :: Question and Answer session Click and Confirm your Seat

What is the ROI of Building Apps on Salesforce?

Let’s face it … time is money. Businesses today are constantly under pressure to reduce their costs, improve agility, and deliver better results. Couple that with rapidly evolving technology and a growing shortage of developers, and there’s no question that the the role of IT and CIOs is changing to drive more innovation — faster and at a lower cost.
    Recently, consulting firm IDC surveyed 12 Salesforce App Cloud customers in various industries: consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, IT service, healthcare, entertainment, and others. IDC evaluated the business impact of building apps on the App Cloud platform, and concluded that App Cloud customers are achieving 478% 5-year ROI, releasing new apps in 59% less time, and increasing revenues an average of $55K per 100 users, letting them break even in just seven months.

Signing up with the 5th largest business group of Tanzania, Africa

Mobio Solutions forays into Africa region by signing up with the 5th largest business group of Tanzania. The engagement is to be the technology partner of the business group by designing and implementing mobility solutions, CRM and run several productivity technology initiatives within the business group.
  • As part of this engagement, we will be implementing end to end solution, in mobility, eCommerce, Logistic Solution and Back office IT enabling solutions. Integration between Mobility, CRM solution, Sales and service tracking solutions and many other productivity applications.
Continue reading Signing up with the 5th largest business group of Tanzania, Africa

Salesforce Summer 16 Release Notes

It has been 2 months since the latest major salesforce release, the spring 2016 edition. The new release again aimed at bridging the gaps left in Lightning Experience and bringing the Lightning UI to more functionalities and products, like Visualforce. There are again hundreds of small and big changes, in all major features and products. Even the thought he focus was more on Lightning, Salesforce continue to entice mobile audience bringing more mobile centric features Continue reading Salesforce Summer 16 Release Notes

Quick tips about creating good Eye-Catchy and Fast website

Design is a key of success for any website or software system. If your end user are not loving the software or website they are using, they just stop using it and it will start your business loss.  That’s where importance of design, UI/UX has to be understood. With this article we will be sharing that as part of Mobio Solutions we are pretty matured enough and having best design team to takes care of UI/UX aspects for any solution we build for our customer. Continue reading Quick tips about creating good Eye-Catchy and Fast website

The 7 Stages of the Life Cycle

Startup is the process of setting an idea in motion. A good startup always knows what problem and why they are solving. It is successful when they have solved the problem. Usually begins with an idea, which doesn’t have any guarantee of success. Startup might be an idea discussed over cup of coffee but it is an effort put by the team keeps it thriving through difficulties. Startup is different from traditional startup because they are designed to grow fast. Continue reading The 7 Stages of the Life Cycle

Comparison of Popular Cross Platform Frameworks

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